Research & development

Research & development center is the decisive advantage against competitors, with history as long as GVS itself. Once a small R&D department, today it is efficient and modern R&D institute capable to successfully complete any R&D task.

Electronic design

Since 1988, GVS is the source of state-of-the-art R&D achievements in electronic design: switchmode power converters design, single and multilayer PCB design, programmable logic design FPGA, CPLD vendors Xilinx and Altera, VHDL design and verification, magnetic-wounded components design, mechanical parts design, electronic systems high level design.

Software & programming

In the area of software and programming we emphasize specific fields of real time and large-scale software, over a million lines of code. GVS experts have long-term experience in: high-level software design, high level programming languages C, C++ and Ruby, assembler programming for Intel, Motorola and compatible microprocessors, Intel, Motorola and Microchip microcontrollers, Motorola and Texas Instruments digital signal processors. GVS bases its software development projects on proprietary program components, the most important: real time operating system GVSOS, real time database management system SUB, TCP/iP protocol stack, digital signal processing algorithm libraries.

Test & measurement equipment & tools

GVS is equipped with top-of-the-line test & measurement equipment:

  • standard laboratory equipment mostly Tektronix, Hewlett-Packard and Fluke,
  • telecom test & measurement equipment : error sources, meters and counters, jitter and wander sources and meters
  • verification equipment for dielectric strength, earthing, insulation resistance, EMI immunity, overvoltages & spikes, EMI emission
  • climatic & mechanical test equipment: temperature chambers, vibration & shock platforms
  • RF equipment: RF senders & meters, spectrum analysers

Development equipment & tools

GVS bases development process on proprietary development equipment & tools, and also uses commercial and “open source” tools:

  • rapid application development (RAD) tools - code generators DDLC, MACRO
  • automated testing tools - Testera
  • development systems for microprocessors, microcontrollers, digital signal processors and programmable logic
  • program tools for version control, daily build & test, LINT, DOC++.

Prototyping workshops

To cut development time & time-to-market to the minimum, GVS has in-house prototyping workshops, also capable to manufacture zero lots and small quantity lots: for PCB prototyping, for electronic assembly (through-hole, SMD and press-fit technology), for wounded components, for mechanical assemblies, programmable components etc.

Knowledge base & information systems

Besides using publicly available data bases, GVS maintains local knowledge base: technical library, electronic database. All work activities in the institute are based on information system in the local area network with hundreds of personal computers.