GVS products are highest quality, top-of-the-line products. They fulfill all relevant international standards (ITU-T, ISO, IEC), European (ETSI, ECMA) and national standards. Leading products are complex electronic systems.

Standard deliveries include Serbian, English and Russian language. GVS products are designed for easy localization to other languages.

GVS products are accompanied with detailed technical documentation on the highest level.

Products by Application

Public telephone network

  • public telephone exchanges (HOST, remote units, concentrators)
  • uninterruptible power supply systems
  • access equipment (V5.x, NT, xDSL)
  • telecoms specialized test & measurement field equipment
  • transmission equipment

Law enforcement agencies

  • lawful interception systems (for public exchanges, mobile exchanges, transmission lines, access lines)
  • crypto protection equipment

Military communication network

  • cross connecting switch
  • crypto protection equipment
  • radio relay devices
  • power supply systems
  • maritime interphone system

Private/special purpose networks

  • private branch exchange PBX
  • crypto protection equipment


  • specialized equipment for automated testing in production
  • remote readout digital thermometers

Operations systems for telcos

  • TMN centers – network management
  • billing centers
  • call centers

Other products

  • medical equipment
  • printed circuit boards & membrane keyboards
  • PC communication cards