Switching system SRCE

SRCE Fact Sheet (PDF, 228 K)

The SRCE TC-011 system is a digital public telephone switching system of high capacity, designed primarily for higher levels in the network hierarchy, but which can be used at all levels of a public switching network, including the lowest - local exchanges in decentralized networks.

SRCE is a completely digital switching system with stored program control, designed for implementing neworks with remote switching units of both small and large capacities.

To users, SRCE provides a lot of services of the highest quality, it lowers network congestion due to its extraordinary technical capabilities, to operators, it provides a clear insight into the state of the network and the system itself, and increases the profits by lowering both the investment and maintenance costs.


  • High capacity 120 000 subscribers / 32 000 trunks
  • Standard remote switching units 100 to 8 000 subscribers, optionally upto 60 000
  • High traffic capacity
  • Subscriber traffic upto 1 Erlang
  • Complies to international standards and recommendations: ITU-T, ETSI, ISO, IEC and others
  • Both analog and digital subscribers
  • Modern trunk signalling systems ITU-T SS7, R2 and many classic ones, for connections with analog systems
  • Standard, generaly available input-output units and data formats
  • High reliability and resistance to outer influences
  • Integrated auto-diagnostic functions
  • Modular internal construction enables easy exapnsion or re-configuration


  • Switching node in public network
  • Node in special / private / closed networks
  • Private Branch Excahnge of large capacity
  • Painless replacement of older generations switching systems


  • Completely programmaticaly adjustable interfaces
  • Extremely low power consumption
  • Plenty of functions for surveillance and maintenance of other network elements
  • Direct ("by-pass") connections of remote switching units
  • Simple and user-friendly work of operators is provided by advanced Graphic User Interface
  • Ability to support "obsolete" networks (i.e. party line boxes) which simplifies replacement of older generation switching systems


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