Uninstallation, packing and moving

Uninstallation of the system stands for removal of complete system from the installation site.

There are several options concerning uninstallation:

  • uninstallation only,
  • uninstallation and packing, with or without delivery of packing material,
  • uninstallation, packing and moving, with or without installation on the destination or destinations,
  • uninstallation and takeover of the equipment, with or without "old for new" arrangement,
  • replacement - uninstallation followed immidiately by installation of new equipment.

Uninstallation procedure is defined in system documentation and basically it is installation procedure done bacwards. Like installation services, GVS offers uninstallation and packing services.


It happens that customer needs to uninstall the equipment and store it for some time, until he decides what to do with the equipment. The packaging of GVS products is designed for reuse and is included in the price of the equipment, so the customer may store it and use it in such circumstances. If customer did not store the packaging, GVS will deliver new packaging corresponding to system specification.


Moving of equipment is one word for uninstallation, packing, tranport to the other site and installation on that new site. Moving may include increase or decrease in capacity, or reconfiguring the system. Customer can move the equipment from one site to two or more other sites, or collect the equipment from two or more sites to one new site.

System replacement

Uninstallation is often followed by installation of new equipment on the same site, in one word: equipment replacement. If there is enough space, GVS can do the replacement with no service interruption. New equipment is installed in the same room, put into operation and programmed. Then, all connections are transferred from the old to the new system and at the end, old equipment is uninstalled. Depending on system configuration and the network features, replacement can be done with no service interruption or with negligably short interruption.