GVS products are complex electronic systems capable to cover wide range of customer needs, thanks to modular design and internal architecture. Different capacities are achieved through proper system configuring. Dimensioning and configuring the system, together with floor planning and accompanying activities, is called "system engineering". GVS offers full range of services covering GVS products engineering.

Besides system engineering, it is necessary to do engineering works for the telecommunication site where the system will be installed. GVS offers services covering this part of engineering, both for the new sites or installation of the equipment in the existing building.

Engineering of telecommunication sites

GVS offers complete telecommunication sites engineering:

  • site snapshot and documenting site status,
  • different approach analysis and choice optimal solution,
  • solution proposal and refining work with the customer,
  • writing and checking the project documents,
  • reviding the project documents,
  • updating the project documents during construction,
  • final project documents.

For the customers prefering to the do the engineering in-house, GVS offers technical support through consulting or participating in engineering team.

System engineering

System engineering is a process starting from system requirements and resulting in detailed and exact specification of system configuration that completely fulfils those requirements.

System engineering should not be mixed with engineering of telecommunication site or sites where equipment is to be installed. Telecommunication site enginnering may start after system engineering is finished, or in the same time.

Result of system engineering is specification of equipment and the way of connecting the equipment. If the requirements are detailed, specification may include also:

  • spare parts list
  • installation works specification
  • putting into operation / acceptance works specification
  • recommended auxilliary equipment specification
  • maintenance equipment and tools specification
  • floor plan.

Engineering of GVS products is described in engineering manuals included in the system documentation.

GVS offers software tools for automated system engineering. From requirements input, the software outputs engineering results. Besides the specification, software can output the report documenting the engineering procedure and calculations. The report contains all the engineering steps with detailed explanations of each step.

GVS offers training courses for the customers prefering to the do the engineering in-house and for engineering companies interested to include engineering for GVS products in their commercial offer. After attending the course, trainees are capable of complete engineering process and related activities.

Telecommunication networks engineering

Quantity and complexity of modern electronic systems functions and features are increasing every day. Distributed systems, with geographicaly distant modules, enable significant savings during network construction investment period and also enable reduction of construction period. When implementing distributed systems, network engineering is overlaping and integrating with system engineering. Whether the network includes GVS products or not, GVS offers telecommunication networks engineering services: for the new networks and also for reconstruction and modernization of existing networks.