The complexity of the networks in which GVS equipment is employed means that planning and preparation is neither small nor simple. By choosing the solutions which utilize numerous features of GVS products, customer may lower the price of not only GVS equipment, but other network equipment as well. Also, choosen solutions may influence the price of network expoitation and maintenance. GVS offers technical assistance in choosing the optimal technical solution during the selection of system requirements.

Choosing the solution

Adjustability and flexibility are characteristics which are very important to GVS. That is why GVS systems often provide several means of solving a particular problem, thus making it possible for the customer to find the right balance between the price and performance, in accordance with customer's needs and whishes.

The choosen solution is related mostly to the selection of equipment, but the choice influences also the techno-economic elements, regarding equipment operation and maintenance, training and technical support.

GVS offers services of selecting the optimal technical solutions, based on customer's guidelines, which will consider available features of GVS equipment. Solution may include following elements, of which some are directly linked to the selection of equipment:

  • choice of system operation procedures and the required level of staff expertise,
  • choice of the best maintenance procedures during and after warranty,
  • choice of level and contents of training,
  • choice of technical support model.

Requirements selection

GVS products are completely adjustable to customer requirements. In order to precisely define the configuration of the system according to its application, the customer has to specify system requirements.

Requirements must contain basic data of the number of sites and number and type of interfaces with the environment. Also, requirements should containt the data of selected system options, number of system operator stations, amount and distribution of spare parts, tools and accessories and other useful data. This data have default values, in case the user can not provide them.

Finally, the requirements should contain data about the rooms which are planned for installation of equipment, most important being physical room dimension and utility interfaces positions.

Engineering is performed from this data.

Planning of building

High complexity of telecommunication networks make their building hard and often long-lasting job. To shorten this period, a careful planning is needed, which considers all relevant factors. Whether it is the planning of building a network with GVS performing the work, or some other company, customer may delegate the planning to GVS experts. Plan includes the schedule and dynamics of required works.