Training courses include lectures - theory and exercises - practical work. Courses are held in GVS Training Center. Customer can choose language of the course: serbian, russian and english are standard. Upon special arrangement, training can be organized in other languages also.

Training courses are related to products. For complex products, there are several courses - basic course, advanced course and special courses. Special courses cover: engineering, maintenance, installation and putting into operation etc. For simple products there are two levels: user level and expert level.

Trainees are organized in small groups, up to 10 trainees can attend one course. At the end of the course, trainees attend the test and receive the certificate.

Besides lectures and exercise, training contains consulting sessions with technical experts for the system. During the consulting session, expert answers specific or complex questions that are not covered by the training course programme.

Lectures - theory

Training course programme contains schedule of the lectures. Trainees are encouraged to be active during the lectures, to participate asking questions and making remarks. Training rooms are computerized and equiped with modern teaching aids. The materials covering the contains of the lectures are available to trainees in printed and electronic form. Lectures are based on practical examples and necessary theoretical parts.

Exercise - practical work

Exercises are performed on fully operational product sample. Each trainee has a separate workplace for practical work. For each course, there is a exercise schedule, available to trainees before the start of exercise. Teacher does the exercise first, showing and explaining the exercise. Each trainee repeats the exercise with teacher's help and supervision. Practical work is organized in smaller groups, 5 to 10 trainees.

On-site training

If the putting into operation works are performed by GVS experts, the price of works includes one-day basic training for the operators, performed on the installed system. GVS expert demonstrates the basic operations, frequently used commands, expected alarms, placement and functions of the installed equipment and organization of the system documents and the way to browse through them. On-site training is conceptually different from training courses performed in the training center, because they are oriented to cover any configuration/installation of the system, and on-site training is focused on the installed system.

One-day on-site training can't replace the complete 6-weeks training course. On-site training is extension of the training course, aimed to give the operators specific information about the concrete system they will operate.





SRCE system basic course schedule


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