Technical support

"Live" consulting

"Live" technical support - possibility to talk to GVS expert any time of day. In other words, customer can always consult the technical support person in GVS if there are questions or problems with hardware or software.

Electronic support

Custmer can send questions or noted problems by e-mail - contact. Electronic support offers more than just consulting. It is possible to send data by e-mail to GVS technical support experts for analysis and processing. The results are sent back to the customer. For example, operator can make a snapshot of system database and send it by e-mail, and receive the rearranged database, ready to be uploaded to the system.

Remote operator

Using the secure connection, GVS technical support experts can remotely access the system operator interface and perform necessary setup or diagnostic procedures.

Field service

When consulting or remote operating are not a solution, expert team comes on-site to perform necessary operations on the system.

Spare parts and repair sevices

During technical support period, GVS provides repair services and stores spare parts for systems under technical support contract.

Software upgrades

During technical support period, GVS delivers software upgrades within delivered feature set. In the case of software upgrades including new features, customer will be informed about new features and the price of the upgrade.

Documentation distribution

Technical support center distributes corrections and new versions of system documentation to the customers, in printed or electronic form.